What is vehicle type approval?

Type approval describes the process applied by national authorities to certify that a model of a vehicle fulfill all EU safety, environmental and conformity of production requirements before authorising it to be sold on the EU market.

The manufacturer makes available about a  more pre-production cars to reach to the final product. These prototypes are used to test compliance with EU safety rules (, noise and emissions limits and electromagnetic compability. If all related standart requirements are met, the notified body  gives an EU vehicle type approval to the manufacturer authorising the sale of the vehicle type in the EU. The system is based on the mutual recognition of approvals granted by Member States (certified once, accepted everywhere in the EU).

Every vehicle produced is then accompanied by a certificate of conformity, which is like the car’s birth certificate, in which the manufacturer certifies that the vehicle corresponds to the approved type. On the basis of this document, the vehicle can be registered anywhere in Europe.

  • Type approval authorities  are national public agencies in assigned of officially approving vehicles before they can be put on the EU  market. The decision to approve a new vehicle type is based on compliance tests that are carried out by testing bodies and laboratories (we called ‘technical services’) that are either in-house or, in most cases, specifically designated by the type approval authorities. In some Member States where neither the TAA nor the Technical Services (TS) has their own laboratories, the TAA may decide that the compliance checks are carried out at the vehicle manufacturer’s onsite, under the control of TAA/TS representatives.
  • Technical services  are the test bodies and laboratories that are  designated by the Member States’ type approval authorities to perform the type approval tests in accordance with EU directives. Type approval authorities designate external technical services.
  • Market surveillance authorities are national public authorities in charge of market surveillance. They check that the products already available on the market are safe and not harmful to the environment and exactly the same as the samples offered for initial testing and approval. These authorities are usually also in charge of general product safety ( Consumer Rights Protection in Turkey). Market surveillance authorities inform to vehicle compliance results are in some cases the same as the type approval authorities.

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