CB Certificate for electrical and electronic devices

The IECEE is the body that sets global rules for the certification of electrotechnical products. CB Certificate can be performed only once, and at a single institution, evidence of compliance with the IEC and then to see them recognized in all around the world that have signed the agreement.

Manufacturer equipped with a CB Certificate can apply to use the brand of security of any foreign organization which has accepted to the CB certification for the product category and, after having fulfilled the  practices of the individual body, gets the granting of CE mark in the country where the rule does not provide for deviations from the IEC.

CB certification and tests single procedure for testing and certifying the safety marks in many countries, avoiding the tests based on individual national standards.The IECEE has decided to extend the CB Scheme and introduced certification scheme full CB-FCS (Full Certification Scheme). The CB-FCS scheme is an extension of the CB scheme applicable to each of the certification bodies participating in the agreement.Based on the mutual recognition of test reports and certificates issued by the noıtified institutions, in ensuring compliance with the requirements of the regulations, the CB-FCS has some differences compared to the traditional CB Scheme:

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