What is EAC and GOST-R?

GOST-R was a part of technical rules and regulations that was developed by the Soviet Union Government as part of its standardization processes.

Its history can be go back to 1925 when a Russian Government agency was assigined with writing, publishing and distributing the standards. The first GOST standard was created and published in 1968.

What is Eurasian Customs Union?

The Eurasian Customs Union (EACU) was founded by Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan in 2010. Later expanded to include Armenia and Kyrgyzstan.

The purpose of the union of the Eurasian Customs Union was to engage economic integration between the member states and get rid off custom barriers.

The new certification standards of the Eurasian Economic Union have various names including, EAC certification, Certification CU TR and TR TS certification.

Today, all products sold on the market within this Customs Union are subject to the same regulations for manufacturing and testing, these compliance with the EAC conformity is verified. This is similar to CE certificate conformity in the European Union, but , EAC certificates may only be issued by authorised testing institutes, when the declaration of CE conformity may be issued by the manufacturer. Only if a product is certified or declared in accordance with the EAC standards, may it be exported to the Eurasian Economic Zone. In addition, the product must be marked special with the EAC logo.

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