The manufacturer of the machinery or equipment or his authorized representative, when established on the region of the EU  shall send a copy of the EC declaration of conformity  and CE Certification for noise  to the European Commission.

How Noise CE Certification can be done?

  • Factory production control with assessment of the technical file and periodic product checks
  • Verification of a single product
  • Approval of a full quality assurance system

Some of Machinery   for which requirements for limitation of the guaranteed sound power level within the scope of the TESTPLUS for conformity assessment are applied.

For machinery  for which the granted sound power level is not limited but subject only to marking, the manufacturer must apply the conformity assessment procedure Factory Production Control (Module A) which includes:

  • Compilation of a technical file;
  • All the necessary measures in order the manufacturing process to ensure compliance of the machinery or equipment produced with the technical file and with the applicable requirements of the Directive for the technical file;
  • Issuance of the EC declaration of conformity;
  • Affixing the CE marking in accordance with the applicable requirements of the Directive.

The Department for Conformity Assessment of Machines and Electrical Equipment within TESTPLUS performs  assessments of machines outside the scope of the notification at the stated request of the economic operator and issues a certificate from notified body.

In cases where the assignor requests an assessment of the machine technical file, the TESTPLUS as a branch of notified body can arrange certificate of conformity of the technical file for the established compliance.