New Gas Appliance Regulation (EU/2016/426) GAR CE Certification

On April 21st, 2018, the new Gas Appliance Regulation, EU/2016/426 GAR, will come effect replacing the current Gas Appliance Directive, 2009/142/EC GAD. All appliances and fittings/controls using gaseous fuel must be certified to the new GAR if product sold on the European Union market.

APPLIANCES: appliances burning gaseous fuels used for cooking, refrigeration, air-conditioning, space heating, hot water production, lighting or washing, and also forced draught burners and heating bodies  to be equipped with such burners  etc;

FITTINGS: safety devices, controlling devices or regulating devices and sub-assemblies thereof, designed to be incorporated into an appliance or to be assembled to constitute an appliance.

Certification pursuant to the GAR, and assessment of conformity with the requirements of the GAR, must be carried out by a notified body such as TESTPLUS, and providing analysing technical documentation, conducting laboratory tests on the product prototype and performing annual production surveillance that the manufacturer decides to have carried out in accordance with the various “modules” mentioned on  directives. The tests for assessing conformity with the GAR include combustion tests with different types of gas (according to customer requirements – countries in which the appliance is to be intented to sell) as well as referencing parts of other Directives (Efficiency and Electrical). 

The tests carried out in our partner  laboratories adhere to technical standards:

  •  Heat output;
  • CO and NOx emissions;
  • Surface temperatures;
  • Efficiency;
  • Combustion;
  • Protection against environmental influences (flame control boards);
  • Protection against internal faults (flame control boards);
    Mechanical strength;
  • Leak-tightness;
  • Analysis of materials;
  • Resistance to ageing;
  • Analysis of control SW .
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