Electrical Safety Tests

The Low Voltage Directive (LVD) 2014/35/EU is applicable for electrical equipment with a voltage rating between 50 – 1000 VAC  / 75 – 1500 VDC. Manufacturers of such equipment must manufacture and test the products according to the LVD requirements in order to CE-mark and CE Certification  them and put them on the European market. The directive covers all risks arising from the use of electrical equipment, mechanical and chemical equipment, health aspects of noise and vibrations, and ergonomic aspects. 

The Low Voltage Directive covers consumer and capital goods,:

  • Lighting equipment.
  • Switch gear and control gear.
  • Electric wiring Appliance couplers and cord.sets 
  • Electrical installation equipment. 
  • Electrical equipment intended for incorporation into other equipment such as transformers and motors.
  • Domestic electrical equipment

For electrical equipment within its scope, the directive provides the requirements with respect to safety covering all risks, thus ensuring that electrical equipment is safe for its intended use.

How can TESTPLUS help?

We are designated and branch of EU  Notified Body.

Our Services include:

  • Drawing up test reports, which may be in accordance with a wide range of IEC or harmonized European standards:
    o EN/IEC 60945
    o EN/IEC 60950
    o EN/IEC 60335 series
    o EN/IEC 60204 series
    o EN/IEC 61010 series
  • Testing according to customer’s own standards Evaluation of technical documentation for CE marking and issuance of  CE Certificate .
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